Murder Mystery Manga IV: Underage Psychopathic Girl First Kill

August 27, 2022

Your Share is Our Power

We are at the fourth story of our murder mystery manga series.

The crime took place at the home of the girl who was arrested.

The girl had invited a 6-year-old toddler into her home, played with her for a while, then drowned her in the bathroom and hid her body in a closet in her room.

Since the murderer is 15 years old, her real name and true face have not been disclosed, but it is clear from some of the information reported that she was not a normal girl but a psychopathic temperament…

Although the investigation of the case has just begun, testimonies and pieces of evidence are coming to light one after another that make us doubt that the culprit girl is a psychopath.

A 15-year-old girl who was arrested on suspicion of drowning a 6-year-old toddler easily admitted her guilt during police questioning.

Instead of expressing remorse, she made the following statement: “I have no regrets.

I have no regrets…in fact, I feel happy."

It is one of the characteristics of mentally disturbed psychopaths that they “feel no guilt at all" even after committing a crime.

In addition, the girl had been observed to have problematic behavior even before the incident occurred.

These were acts of cruelty to small animals, such as “sticking a fork into a frog" and “dropping a cat from the top of a building.

Such “lack of conscience and empathy" is also a characteristic of psychopaths.


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Your Share is Our Power