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The Philippines has many specialties such as mangoes, coconuts, balut, and beautiful beaches, but let me introduce one of the most popular specialties, the naked man.

They can be seen on every street from the city to the countryside.
Each and every one of them has a different style, such as completely undressed or with their clothes rolled up and only their stomachs cooled off.
According to the data, naked men in their 40s seem to be the most common. *My research (insufficient evidence)

I like this style, but I quit it because I am vulnerable to sunburn.
So, if you are tan-sensitive, heat-sensitive, want to feel freedom, and want to fit in in the Philippines, try this style with a mango shake in hand!

I also have other articles on the Philippines in cartoon form, so if you want to read more, please check out my other articles!

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Your Share is Our Power