Murder Mystery Manga – Psychopathic Comic Series 「Death Nurse」 What is the reason why she kills patients? & The surprising reason she was promoted.

August 21, 2022

Your Share is Our Power

How was this murder mystery manga? There may be dangerous people lurking around you.

The reason why she was promoted and even became a leader, as mentioned in the title, is that she was able to get promoted because she created her own pinch points for patients and helped them by deliberately removing their breathing apparatuses. I encourage everyone to try to imitate her.

This is why they didn’t suspect much the first and second time, despite the inexplicable deaths.

Also, I changed the story a little in the manga because I thought the meaning of her actions was too confusing to convey, but she made a mysterious phone call that she had planted a bomb in the hospital when the police came, and she was caught as the caller and admitted the murder charge in an interview.

Her parents also noticed her abnormality and thought she was a child who told an unusual number of lies from an early age.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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Your Share is Our Power