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As anyone who has traveled to the Philippines knows, Wi-Fi in the Philippines is slow.
Even though the Wi-Fi is connected and the connection mark is there, I often can’t load the internet forever.
In the rural areas of the Philippines, even the most expensive Wi-Fi companies seem to offer only 10mbps, which is unstable and keeps you on the edge of your seat while teleworking.

There are three solutions I am taking.

  1. Pray😀
  2. Sign up for Wi-Fi with two companies.
  3. Use a SIM card

(1) Pray

First, pray for your PC and Wi-Fi. It is the most effective.

(2) Sign up for Wi-Fi with two companies.

However, Wi-Fi in the Philippines is very expensive even though it is slow. So I do not recommend it, but it is safe.

(3) Use a SIM card

Buy a PC that can accept a SIM card or connect it to your PC externally. This is a reliable method.

Thanks for seeing me through to the end. I draw many other stories, so please read on.
And if there’s any story you’d like me to draw, just request it in the comments!
See you soon.


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Your Share is Our Power