Why Russia is attacking Ukraine, and you can understand why in two minutes. Easy to understand and super simple to explain. Putin’s goal

March 9, 2022

Your Share is Our Power

When I investigated why Russia was attacking Ukraine, there were two reasons.
●Ukraine is necessary as a country called Russia
● Putin’s personal reasons as a politician

□Why Russia needs Ukraine

There are two reasons.
① Russia wants a port that does not freeze.
→ The port to the east of Russia freezes, so it is very inconvenient without a port. Therefore, Russia wants a port in Ukraine side.
② Security issues
Russia is so large that it is difficult to take measures when it is attacked by another country. Therefore, it is necessary to solidify the path that is attacking by allies, Neighboring Ukraine needs to be on its side, not NATO.

□ Putin wants to protect the dictatorship

・ Putin, who does not want to end the dictatorship, bought a TV station and controlled information.
It was hard to get a bad reputation from the people. However, with the progress of IT, the people are getting to know various information, and anti-Putin is increasing.
Among them, it is very unpleasant for Putin to enter NATO to nearby Ukraine and the flow of democratization progresses.


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Your Share is Our Power


Posted by agashi