How To Improve Your Long Distance Relationship Problems

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3 Common Long Distance Relationship Problems and How To Fix Them

It’s a very difficult decision to move away from our loving partner for a purpose and vice versa. Or maybe you met your partner online, and you’re living in a different country. We all know it is tough to handle a relationship, and a long-distance relationship is extremely hard. There are a lot of long distance relationship problems to face and to fix.

I list the top 3 common problems I personally experience and how we overcome them.

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1.Language Barrier

I am a Filipina and currently dating a Japanese man. He’s my first foreign boyfriend and, I don’t have any ideas of how and what to do to make things work at that time. I have read some blogs and watched a lot of relationship coaching videos. They all have one thing in common, “communication is the key to every relationship.” But what if you both speak two different languages?

EASY! All you need to have is ONE COMMON LANGUAGE!

The language you speak can be a real challenge and, if you don’t speak one common language, communication can be tough.

But love is a language on its own so somehow, you can find a better solution.

long distance relationship problems language barrier

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2.Living Situation

If things seem to work out and you decide to step up your relationship to the next level, you’ll start to discuss where to live and, this can begin a fight in some situations. Which country will you choose? Are you willing to leave your family, life, and the career you build for years to be with your partner or vice versa? It’ll be a big decision that you have to think about not just twice, but a million times.

When I started dating him, I also expected to have a heated argument about these kinds of stuff.

But, I made up my mind to go with the flow and be open for discussions.

Unexpectedly, he wanted to stay in my country, so we did not have disagreements about where to settle. We are still openly discussing the pros and cons of our living situation, especially during the pandemic.

I know it’ll go well, as long as we talk and discuss things and understand each other’s opinions and suggestions.

long distance relationship problems living situation

3.Cultural Diversity

You grew up in different countries, raised in different families and environments. Your customs and traditions were unalike. So, one thing is for sure your cultural differences will be a challenge, like us. Sometimes, our beliefs clash, or, our personalities conflict, that’s why you NEED to read this one to see how we handle things.

…but since “it’s our choice” to stay and continue our relationship, we do our best to understand and talk about our diverse culture. 

long distance relationship problems cultural diversity

If your love is true, not distance, nothing can separate you.

Problems in a long-distance relationship are temporary and can be solved or fixed with the right levels of maturity, and understanding. As you are in a true love relationship, you should understand this fact. A clear understanding of your soul mate and the situations they are in will foster the relationship by multi-fold levels.


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