Fun And An Interesting Fact About The Philippines: Extended Family (Comic)

March 7, 2022

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An Interesting Fact About The Philippines

An Interesting fact about the Philippines. They usually have extended family.

For the last couple of weeks, I talked about fun, and an interesting fact you’ll expect to see in the Philippines. And if you haven’t read it yet, you better check out the

10 Hilarious Comic Ideas About Philippine Culture.

This time, let’s have another fascinating fun fact about Filipinos.

Did you know that the Filipino family consists of many members? I lived in a country where we have to be independent at an early age. We usually moved out of our parent’s house and lived alone, especially if we decided to start our own family. But in the Philippines, it’s a different story.

My Filipino friend invited me to come to his place. I thought he lived alone, but something unexpected happened! I met his whole clan! Imagine how surprised I was meeting his entire lineage that day. He introduced me to his father and mother and then to his cousins, grandparents, siblings, niece and nephews, and even his aunt and uncles. (Hahaha)

Filipinos hold their family members dearly. For them, family matters the most, and I can say that it’s true because even my Filipina girlfriend thinks that way. They have stronger family ties and a more reliable support network when they need it the most. Moving out of their parent’s house is usually not a custom in the country, but if they do, they usually keep in touch with them all the time. Another scenario is they just lived or built a house near their parents. 

Family means a lot to them.

So if you visit a Filipino friend, and meet overwhelming family members, don’t worry because you won’t feel out of place. With their warm and fun personality, you’ll feel that you’re already part of their family even you just meet them.

Are you interested in visiting the Philippines? Learn more about their requirements here: A guide on arrival and quarantine procedures.

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