10 Hilarious Comic Ideas About Philippine Culture

March 9, 2022

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Most Hilarious Comic Ideas

Here are the hilarious comic ideas about Philippine culture based on a Japanese man’s experience.

Every foreigner who visited the country may have a different experience, but we list common things you’ll expect to see and most likely to experience once inside the country.

1. Airport

When you arrive at the airport, you’ll get welcomed by the high-spirited Filipinos who are selling sim cards outside.

2. Foods

Surprisingly, Filipino foods taste sweet for me. So I ended up eating in a Japanese restaurant.

3. Talkative

I’m saying, don’t get surprised if Filipino speaks to you non-stop. It may be annoying to some, but to be honest, they are really talkative, fun, and friendly.

4. Singing

Filipinos love to sing. When I went to a bar-like restaurant, customers began singing along with the singer on the stage, and everybody sang well.

5. Weather

Just like any other tropical country, the Philippine weather is hot!

6. “Tambay"

The comic strips show another fun fact about the Philippines. “Tambay” or the bystanders are seen almost everywhere in the country. You can see them outside the house or in the streets, singing, talking, drinking, or doing nothing.

7. Jeepney

There are various types of transportation in the Philippines. The LRT, Taxi, Tricycle, Trisikad, van, bus, habal-habal, the jeepney and more. One of the transportations that shocked me when I first saw it was the jeepney. It is not because I haven’t seen any jeepney, but because it was so PACKED.

8. “Balut"

When I stayed in the Philippines, one of my Filipino friends suggested the balut. “It’s just an egg,” I remembered him saying. I shouldn’t have believed that. (LOL) The balut is an incubated duck egg and, when I saw the big duckling inside, I felt pity for it. (I’m eating a baby duck! Tasukete  Haha) 

9. Traffic

If you have an appointment somewhere, whether it’s near or far, you have to go 2 hours before the time. Why? Because you might get stuck for hours in a traffic jam. And you don’t want to be late for that appointment, do you? It may be sound exaggerating, but trust me, the traffic in the Philippines is a little too much. Even bag snatchers can’t move forward. (Hahaha)

10. Burp

Now let me tell you one of the things that you have to expect when dining in a Filipino home. Don’t get shocked or offended if someone burp so loud after a meal. In the Philippines, burping is considered a usual thing.

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