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March 7, 2022

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Fact About The Philippines: Is Burping Rude In The Philippines?

What to Expect When Dining in at a Filipino Home Fun Fact About The Philippines

Is burping at the dining table during a meal considered rude? Maybe in some countries, it does. Let’s say here in Japan. Burping in front of the dining table during a meal is very rude, and we have a lot of table etiquettes to follow. But, hey! Here’s a fun fact about the Philippines.

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Now let me tell you one of the things that you have to expect when dining in a Filipino home. Don’t get shocked or offended if someone burp so loud after a meal. In the Philippines, burping is considered a usual thing.

I was so confused when one of them burped after eating, and the other followed after and much louder when I was in the Philippines and eating with my friends! Can you imagine how shocked I was? (Hahaha)

Here’s another one. I was video calling my Filipina girlfriend, and he suddenly burped loudly! It may look unladylike, but it’s funny because even girls can burp that loud! (I get used to it!)

Burping in The Philippines after a meal means you’re full, and you enjoyed the meal.

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