Dating A Japanese Man: Comic Text Series

March 9, 2022

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What People Think If You’re Dating A Japanese Man

Dating a Japanese man text series is a hilarious text series for between an international couple from Japan and Philippines. By DCStudio Blogs and comics.
Manga panel: Brutal: Satsujin Kansatsukan no Kokuhaku

Dating a Japanese man can sometimes be troublesome, especially if you listen to the thoughts and other people’s opinions. These comic strips show what some people might think if you started dating a foreigner.

Since we’re a long-distance relationship couple, we need constant communication. It is a must, and if you’re also in a long-distance relationship like us and having some trouble, check out this content that might help you, especially if you’re in the first stage of your relationship.

(Dating A Japanese Man, Language Barrier.)

As I mentioned before, we set a specific time to have time for each other and, people might think that we’re talking about our future or doing some stuff.

We did talk about our future since it was unavoidable. However, as you become more serious about each other and constantly give your relationship time, you’ll run out of topic! Believe me! There are nights when we just stare at each other, doing nothing or sleep.

Knowing my boyfriend’s personality, we don’t always have these sweet talks. Most of the time, he’s doing his things and studying computer-related stuff while I’m reading gore or action manga/manhwa/manhua and also doing my things.

If you’re worried that your relationship might be in a bad situation if you run out of topics to talk about, I will list some things to do.

  • Watch Movies Together

You can always have a movie night, even if it’s not valentine’s.

  • Playing Games

One of the things we do is play guessing games. You can have riddles, where you give rewards to the winner. You can send them money via Wise. It is the cheapest and fastest way to send money abroad directly to their bank account.

(I always got my prize not because I’m good at the game but because I’m unfair. Hahaha. Kidding!)

My favorite game is the number game. Each of you will choose three digits from 0-9 and, you’ll try to guess them.

Let’s say your number is 370. There are three options. 

None. If the numbers they mentioned were not a part of your number. 

If they say 125, you’ll say none, and numbers 1, 2, and 5 were out of their options.

 Bite. When one of the numbers is correct, but the order is wrong. 

If they say “409," you’ll say “one bite" since they guessed the number 0. If they guess two correct numbers but in the wrong order say, “two bites" and “three bites" if all of the numbers are correct but not in order, like 037.

Eat. When the number is correct and in the right position.

For instance: if they say 384, you’ll say “one eat" because the number three is in your number, and it’s in the right place.

Note: Don’t mention which number they guess is correct.

You can always find interesting and unique games together.

  • Singing Together

Since you can now access some sites like Youtube and Facebook while video calling, you can each take turns to listen to your favorite songs and sing along with them.

  • Talking About News

If both of you are interested in world news, you can debate on an issue but make sure not to be carried away. 

There are a lot of interesting things to do even in a long-distance relationship. Don’t limit your relationship just because they’re not physically with you.


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