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March 9, 2022

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Cultural Diversity, A Challenge Of Dating A Foreigner

One of the problem in a long distance relationship or international relationship is the different culture and personalities.

Last week we talked about two of the three common challenges of an international relationship or long-distance relationship. This time around, I will be sharing another issue, cultural diversity. Some of the things you’ll expect and the reality when you find the perfect solution.

You grew up in different countries, raised in different families and environments. Your customs and traditions were unalike. So, one thing is for sure your cultural differences will be a challenge, like us.

Personally, I don’t have any desire to have a foreign boyfriend or even a husband because I know I have to explain things to him about my customs, traditions, and culture and, I am lazy to explain all of those things. We sometimes still have a small argument about our different cultures, even we’re already in a long-term relationship.

Sometimes, our beliefs clash or, our personalities conflict, but since “it’s our choice" to stay and continue our relationship, we do our best to understand and talk about our diverse culture. Accepting them for who they really are, understanding each difference, and talking openly about your needs and views on life, it can’t be that hard to build a life together, even if your views and general approach in life differ.

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Your Share is Our Power