Amazing Fun Fact About Philippines: Why Japanese Takes A Bath Often | Comic

March 9, 2022

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One fun fact about Philippines is, it is considered a tropical country, and it only has wet and dry seasons, unlike other countries with four seasons.

One of the struggles you’ll encounter when staying in the Philippines is our weather conditions. If you live in a country with four seasons and, summer only lasts for a couple of months in tropical countries like the Philippines, it feels like summer every day.

When my Japanese boyfriend stayed here for the first time, I found it unusual because he took a bath A LOT. I’ve heard that the Japanese are very particular with cleanliness well, Filipinos practice proper hygiene too. But it was just odd because he took a bath now and then.

He took a shower in the morning. After shopping for a couple of minutes, he took another shower when we got back to our place. Then, he woke up late at night to have another shower. There, I noticed he’s sweating A LOT! I thought, “Ah! So it’s our weather condition!"

The Philippines is a magnificent country to visit or settle for good, and you’ll get used to our weather conditions. I lived here for eternity (LOL) so, the weather doesn’t bother me, and I surprisingly felt cold sometimes, even if it was burning outside.

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Your Share is Our Power