Dating a Japanese Man, Language Barrier | Comic 

February 9, 2022

Your Share is Our Power

An English comic strip discussing one of the top three challenges of an international long distance relationship, experiences and how to overcome them.

We usually fall in love with someone from another country, especially nowadays, that we have an internet connection, and with just one swipe, we can easily find a match. Having a long-distance relationship is not as hard as before, as we can easily communicate with people around the globe.

I am a Filipina and currently dating a Japanese man. He’s my first foreign boyfriend and, I don’t have any ideas of how and what to do to make things work at that time. I have read some blogs and watched a lot of relationship coaching videos. They all have one thing in common, “communication is the key to every relationship."

My mother tongue is Bisaya and, I don’t know how to speak his language. I expected that things would not work out for us because of the language barrier. Fortunately, the reality is not that cruel. We both have one common language (ENGLISH) and, we’re using it to communicate every day. I am grateful it turns out well for both of us.

The language you speak can be a real challenge and, if you don’t speak one common language, communication can be tough. But love is a language on its own so somehow, you can find a better solution.

If you have some more advances to give about the language barrier for international long distance relationships let us know down below.


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Your Share is Our Power